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Compared to them, MJ gives you:MJ host24/7-host.comNetwork
1year domain registration(.com) $10.95$34.99$38.00$12.88
1year domain registration(.ca) $10.95$34.99$50.00$12.88
Domain Transfer $10.95$19.00$12.00$12.88

Best Domain Registration Services in Canada

Many website owners don’t know which domain name to choose when registering for a domain name. When looking for a domain registration Canada you should first ask yourself if your customers will only be in Canada. If you want to expand out of Canada it might be a good idea to search for a domain extension that is not primarily used for Canada.

Buy a cheap Domain Name

When you select MJ Hosting as your registrar you will be able to buy domain name cheap and you can add reliable hosting with great customer support.

Our domain registration service in Canada includes the following benefits:-

Faster registration

Your newly registered domain can be live in just few minutes. It is only possible due to our streamlined registration procedure, wherein your domain name is registered, hosted and email account is set up quickly. With our services, it is possible to share your domain with the world more rapidly.

Trusted source

We have many years of experience and have a great reputation for giving quality service and exceptional value to our clients. Therefore, you can now relax that you are working with such a company that always puts your best interests first and works for you.

Best in business

Our plans are extremely user-friendly and all features have been designed to match your requirements. This easily allows you manage transfers, locking, name servers, A-records, domain forwarding, subdomains, multiple domains and much more.

24/7 online Client Support

We are available 24/7 in case you need any assistance with your hosting plan, or your domain name registration. Our qualified and experienced team of experts will be happy to help you in. You can contact a member of the MJ Hosting Support team by phone or email.

Domain Registeration

Registering a domain name basically means that you can create a site from a computer that you have registered an allow people to access it from world wide. You must have your contact details in the directory which is hierarchically organized and includes the domain names online along with the corresponding systems.

These systems are registered to companies or individuals who use the internet. Each system that accesses the internet will have its own internet protocol address. Rather than using the numbers, these domain names will help the internet users to find your website more conveniently with a textual name. This is why domain registration is vital for every online business.

Buy a cheap Domain Name

With the tough competition online you will be definitely amazed to see the more number of registrars who vie for your business. Choosing the right services will help you in long run. You will be asked few questions that include contact details along with technical information related to your domain name. The information will be stored in the main directory known as the registry. It is the essential element that allows you to get e-mail from your clients and consumers along with letting them to search your website.

When it comes to registering your name, you must utilize the domain registration and web hosting services offered by MJ Hosting; where you can get free internet access and storage space along with a basic number of e-mail addresses. We have a plan that exactly fits your needs. Our packages include a choice of great web statistics packages to track your web success.

Transfer Domains

When building an online business, it is essential to renew your domains early before it expires. Businesses sometimes forget to renew their domain names which allows others to purchase it and use it for their business. This can confuse your customers and your web traffic will be directed to another business potentially your competition!

How will your customers know where to find you if your domain name expires? Even if you have decided to switch websites and domain addresses, many of your customers will go to your old domain name and not find any information to know where you are now. This is especially important for older customers who may not have purchased from you in a while, but still have your old domain name bookmarked for reference.

In these situations, they might try to look your new URL on a search engine site, but then again they might think you’ve gone out of business and look for someone else.


MJ Hosting makes it easy for customer to renew domain name! Our team of professionals are always available to help you with the process of renewing your domain names.

Transfer Domains

For the past few years, you can notice the great increase in the number of domain registry services and also some great domain providers have emerged.

Unfortunately, not all registrars are equal. Many businesses are frustrated with the quality of service or the price offered by their domain provider. They are not aware that they can switch. There may be many reasons to transfer your domain right from not getting adequate services for the money you spent to the worst customer service. It is a wise a solution, if you decide to change the domain name to a trusted domain hosting service provider.

Well, if your current registrar is not offering a competitive renewal fees and a solid customer services, the good news is that you can transfer your domain to a trusted registrar like MJ Hosting. Gone are the days when all domain names were handled by Network Solutions, leaving you with no choice at all. But such monopoly no longer exists and now you can choose our domain transfer services according to your needs and satisfaction. A domain transfer of the name from one registrar to another and you can do it with us very easily.

ID Protection

Technology nowadays has improved and it keeps developing beyond our imagination. On other hand, the fraudulent and vulnerability activities are also increasing. When it comes to internet and e-commerce, it is hard to keep information private and secured these days.

Different cyber crimes are happening nowadays, and it is quite hard to trust a site that you are not aware of. Fraudulent activity does not end here, spammers and hackers are lurking all around the internet to steal the information and misuse them. It is really very dark and hard in the world of World Wide Web.

But this is not going to happen at all time; there is a solution for every problem. For that you must have some knowledge on your domain and how to protect them.

When you decide to have a domain name, your website must be published through a web hosting company they might need personal information about you such as email address, Phone Number, Business address etc. These basic details could possibly lead to identity theft, harassment, fraud, cyber bullying and even acts of piracy. This leads to potential lawsuits and hassle from the real owner. To avoid such issues, you need to protect and safeguard all your personal information. There are many web hosting companies that provide ID protection services for their clients to ensure your details are safe and secured.


When you choose ID protection services, your personal details will not be listed on the Whois record, rather the information of the registrar’s privacy service will appear and you still own your domain. Once it is activated on your domain, your information will be no longer visible to the public and spammers cannot use it to find your address. MJ web hosting offers this service in affordable price and you can avail them. ID protection is very important nowadays; there are ways to prevent yourself from spammers, then why don’t you use them? Call us today!!

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Registering a domain is quick and easy. Your domain can be registered in 3 easy steps. Don’t wait. Its fast, cheap and is an extension of your company online.


With another domain company? Transfer your domain to us in 3 easy steps.


Management is our middle name. We manage thousands of accounts and take pride in making sure our clients are fully satisfied with reliable servers and great customer service.


Domain Names FAQ

A domain name system is the system by which Internet domain names and addresses are tracked and regulated.

Your domain will expire and all services connected to that domain will no longer work. Including Emails, Website, etc

Yes you can register a domain without a hosting provider. Although we recommend getting hosting with us if you plan on having us setup your emails.

TLDs are mainly classified into two categories: generic TLDs and country-specific TLDs It is basically your domain name.

No company should refuse to transfer your domain to another company. Your domain belongs to you and we manage your domain for you. If this does happen with another company unfortunately we can’t help. But we can guarantee that will never happen with us.

We can register any type of domain as long as we carry your domain extension and it is available. Which you can search domains easily from our search box on our homepage.

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