Our Reliable, Secure Data Centers.

MJ Hosting has been a partner of some of the best data centers in the industry for a long time now. We believe in customer support and making our clients feel safe to purchase our services knowing that we have privacy policies in place as well to ensure your data is safe with us.

Data Center Features

MJ Hosting has servers in multiple datacenters. They are as big as over 21,000 to around 76,000 square feet, We have some of the best data centers in the world. We have fire detectors to give us a warning if anything were to happen and we also have flood insurance as well. But all data is continuously backed up on a regular basis providing any disaster were to happen. You’re safe with us.


We monitor our servers 24/7. Monitor includes suspicious behavior, anything that can harm our servers or your website will be blocked in a timely fashion. MJ Hosting wants you to feel safe with knowing you have a real person 24 hours a day taking shifts to ensure your website is safe and running the way it should.

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